Ayurvedic Services

Ayurvedic Health Consultations – The purpose of the initial consultation is to get to know you as a person. Everyone has an innate nature. Your nature has such strong roots. Our bodies were designed and want to heal themselves and keep going. But sometimes things (big and small) get in the way of this happening.  I’ve learned many things during my studies of Ayurvedic Medicine. One thing I do know is that “You are not your disease or imbalance.” You are you. Sometimes when we stop feeling like ourselves or feel a weird change looming ahead of us, we need to get back on track or try to stay on track. The consultation enables me to make appropriate recommendations to help you stay in balance or to help you move closer to balance by reducing stress and stress factors. I will not be diagnosing you with any diseases during any sessions, EVER. That is a job which belongs to your medical doctor.  The intention of the session is to understand the flow, or lack thereof, of energy in your body.  I am able to do this by interpreting the signs made by the elements of space, wind, fire, water and earth. My observations and the information you provide give me insight to if those elements are in or out of balance. What are imbalances? Imbalances are actions, biological processes, physiological processes or states of being which are destructive or impede onto balance. To be balanced is to thrive.  So an imbalance can be life threatening, mild or anywhere in between.

This is an in depth session covering the multiple aspects that make up your life and health. The session will include 2 parts: discussion and physical examination. During the discussion we will cover topics that include your hobbies, dietary choices, areas of concern and sleep habits. The physical examination includes me reading your pulse and tongue. At times it may also include a nail and face reading. Once I have gathered all of this basic information, we will discuss my initial recommendations.

You will be given a treatment plan which may include recommendations for diet, lifestyle, yoga poses, breathing techniques, Ayurvedic and energetic therapies as well as herbs. But this is based on your specific needs, ability and cooperation.

Fee: $150.00 initial consultation (1 ½ hours)

Follow up consultations

Fee: $50.00 ( ½ hr)

Pulse Reading (Nadi Pariksha)-for Balance/Imbalance- The pulse reading is one of the most sacred methods of understanding you as a person. It is a holistic, scientific and mystical diagnostic method of understanding the complexity that makes you, you. In the methodology of Ayurveda, a pulse reading detects the universal consciousness moving through the container known as you. During the pulse reading I will be observing the secrets hidden just under your skin.  The body is made up of 3 biological humors. These are: vāta (vah-tuh), pitta (pit-tuh) and kapha (kuh-fuh). These are Sanskrit words.  Vāta is comprised of space and wind. Pitta is comprised of fire and water. Kapha is comprised of water and earth. By being able to interpret the elements in your pulse, I can better understand your balanced state versus your imbalanced state. These distinctions are crucial.  Sometimes we forget. And we forget that we forgot.  If you were a sound sleeper when you were a child, but now you can barely get 4-5 hours, you may consider this normal. It may be your new normal. But it isn’t based on you being in balance, but rather, imbalance. Balance and imbalance matter. There is a distinction and this again is crucial.

You will receive a list of suggested dietary guidelines as well as guidelines based upon your biological nature.

(Note: A pulse reading is part of the Ayurvedic consultation).

Fee: $50.00   30 min

Ayurvedic Massages

Traditional Indian massage (abhyanga)-  This usually involves specific oils to help reduce stress and bring balance to the mind and body. Oils used in Ayurveda are more than for fragrance. Some oils used may be cooling, others warming and even hot. The type of oil used has a profound effect upon the body and much care and consideration will be taken in determining which oil (if any) is appropriate for you.  The proper oil helps to balance the energetic properties of the mind and body. Once energy flow is improved, then stress reduction can occur.

(Note: best performed on an empty stomach. Avoid eating 1 ½ hours before this massage)

Fee: $75.00  60 min     $110.00   90 min 

Lymphatic drainage- This is a gentle, stimulating rhythmic massage done in the direction of the lymph flow. The lymphatic system is part of our immune system. Ayurvedicly speaking lymph drainage helps to balance space/wind, fire/water and water/earth by loosening stagnation which encourages movement of lymphatic fluid so that proper drainage and flow can occur. The organs involved are the small intestine, thymus and spleen. When the lymph system is clogged and/or stagnant, wastes and harmful toxins are not able to be released from the body causing adverse effects such as bacteria build up, viruses, weight gain and swelling. This maybe very beneficial post surgery, if suffering with fibromyalgia and food allergies.

(Note: best performed on an empty stomach. Avoid eating within 1 ½ hours of this massage)

Fee: $75.00    60 min | Series of   (3)   60 min    $210.00 | $110.00   90 min | Series of   (3)    90 min   $310.00

Poultice treatment-(pinda swedana). This is a traditional Ayurvedic treatment to help pacify disorders of space/wind and water and earth. By tapping the hot poultices filled with herbs, grains, sands and spices onto areas of the body, imbalances like painful joints, arthritis and bursitis due to space/air and water/earth elements can be reduced or alleviated. This is a great treatment for arthritis joint pain, and sports injury and strain.

Fee: $40.00    30 min | Series of (3)   30 min $110.00 | $75.00   60 min | Series of (3)   60 min   $210.00

Marma point massage- A marma point (pressure point) is a vital point on the body where two or more layers of bodily tissues (blood, tendons, ligaments, joints and bones) meet. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) marma therapy is called acupuncture or acupressure. These vital areas are not stagnant points. But junction points that tap into different levels of being. Marma points connect to the subtle body sheaths and help to facilitate healing. For the most part, they cannot be seen with the naked eye, but have to be felt and sensed. The temples are an easy example of a marma point. If you have a headache or tension in certain regions of the head or neck, you might apply pressure while gently massaging the area. The human body has over 100 marma points. These marma points sometimes called junction points or energy centers correspond to organs in the body. Some are extremely important, while others are secondary. The important marmas, if injured can result in instantaneous death. When marmas are properly massaged, they stimulate physiological as well as emotional changes. This is because they improve the flow consciousness which has a direct effect upon physiology. This improved flow of vital energy then leads to healing for the body. Marma therapy is both an effective preventative practice and treatment for several complaints such as: weakness and/or debility, tingling in hands and feet, indigestion, lightheadedness, anxiety and nervousness just to name a few.   Complaints arise when passageways become blocked by toxins (internal and external), injury or from genetic predispositions. Marma therapy can be given anywhere on the body where a marma point is located. This may be a good choice for someone with heightened sensitivity to touch due to illness, trauma or anxiety as it can be given at a distance when touch is not advised.

Fee: $40.00   30 min  | Series of (3)   30 min   $110.00 | $75.00   60 min | Series of (3)   60 min   $210.00 

Exfoliating body scrub with dry powders (udvartana)- These freshly formulated powders are made of herbs,  grains and spices used to exfoliate, detoxify and improve muscle tone of the bodily tissues.  When the bodys channels for drainage get clogged and are unable to properly “digest”, this can lead to many imbalances including weight gain. This may be especially true for Kapha types (water/earth) who have a tendency to gain weight the easiest of the 3 humors/doshas. This is a very effective, stimulating massage therapy technique. It’s really beneficial in assisting in weight loss and improving circulation caused by imbalances of space/air, fire/water or water/earth elements. When weight loss is more like an uphill battle or you just want to kick start the motivation, this is the treatment to do! Several sessions are recommended.

(Note: best performed on an empty stomach. Avoid eating within 1 ½ hours of this massage)

Fee: $75.00      60 min  | Series of (3)   60 min   $210.00 | $110.00    90 min | Series of (3)   90 min   $310.00

Ayurvedic massage and body wrap (uthsadanam) with specialized herbal paste and oil. This is a wonderful treatment to assist in rejuvenating the skin by opening and detoxifying the channels which may be over stressed due to diet, lifestyle, medications and other factors. The skin is our biggest organ and its appearance is important but more than that, its proper functioning is important in keeping a balanced and healthy life. Great for getting rid of excess weight!

(Note: best performed on an empty stomach. Avoid eating within 1 ½ hours of this massage)

Fee: $100.00 60 min   |    Series of (3)   60 min   $290.00  | $150.00   90 min | Series of (3)   90 min   $425.00

Shirodhara and Facial Therapies

Forehead treatment (shirodhara/sthapani marma)-This is one of the most popular Ayurvedic treatments in the west. It is a very decadent treatment that offers wonderful results. By balancing the space/air, fire/water or water/earth elements it has a calming effect on the nervous system. Benefits of this treatment include:  better sleep, improved memory, easier concentration, better attention span, less anxiety, increased blood circulation to the brain and a host of others. When done in a series the treatment has a deeper impression upon the mind and body.

This is a perfect choice for children over 7 years old who have symptoms related to imbalances of space/air, fire/water or water/earth elements such as: speech delays, tics, autism, and certain learning disorders. Let this therapy be part of you or your child’s path to better balance and well-being.

Fee: $50.00   30 min |  Series of (3)   30 min sessions: $ 135.00   |  $70.00   45 min |   Series of (3)   45 min sessions: $ 195.00 

Ayurvedic face massage (mukha abhyanga). This is an Ayurvedic facial massage using specific oils, herbs and other ingredients based on your needs as well as your nature. The marma points on the face are gently massaged in order to increase the flow of vital energy. The massage extends to the neck and shoulders and gently helps to exfoliate the skin, helping to release toxins and improve the appearance of fine lines due to imbalances of space/air, fire/water or water/earth elements.

Fee: $40.00  30 min     Series of (3)  30 min   $110.00

Sinus massage(nasya). This is an ancient therapeutic technique meant to stimulate and increase vitality to the mind. This therapy helps to remove excess humors (space, fire, water, earth) from the head (sinuses throat and nose). Specialized oil is placed into each nostril for the purpose of balancing the 3 humors which may have accumulated causing symptoms such as: sinus pain, twitching eye lids, hoarse voice and emotional stress due to imbalances of space/air, fire/water or water/earth elements. Administration of the drops can be done daily and performed at home after an initial consultation or 3-6 treatments in my office.

Fee: $40.00   30 min         Series of (3)  30 min   $110.00

Head massage w/ sinus treatment (shiroabhyanga nasya) This traditional Ayurvedic massage is great for tension relief, congestion, colds, headaches and other imbalances. When the water/earth elements (kapha) clog up passage ways this can lead to many imbalances including the ones listed due to the space/air (vᾱta) energy being trapped and unable to flow. By applying, massage, heat, oils and steam the passage ways can be made clear again and proper function improved or restored.

Fee: $50.00   30 min         Series of (3)   30 min   $135.00

Ear treatment (karna purana)- is a therapeutic treatment where the ears are filled with warm oil.  The oil is able to lubricate the ear canal, helping to loosen wax, and other impurities. Wax is a waste product of muscle tissue. When it remains in the body for prolonged periods of time, it can harm the body even causing ear pain. This is a very effective treatment for vata (space and wind) imbalances such as lockjaw, hearing loss, itchiness and neck and shoulder pain due to imbalances of space/air, fire/water or water/earth elements. Many people also say they experience immediate calming of the mind and are overcome with a sense of deep relaxation.

Fee: $40.00   30 min         Series of (3)  30 min   $110.00

Additional Ayurvedic Therapies

Ayurvedic enema (basti). It is an ancient therapy used to mainly reduce the vata biological humor (space and wind). By no means is it equivalent to the western enema.  Vata is the primary cause of most disease according to Ayurvedic Philosophy. The main site of vata is in the colon. That’s why it makes sense to apply treatment directly at the main site. Basti is the introduction of special oils, herbal decoctions or other appropriate liquids directly into the colon. This is not the same as a colonic or colon hydrotherapy, which mainly facilitates cleansing the colon. Basti is a balancing enema meant to help facilitate reduction of imbalances like brain fog, anxiety, spaciness and helps improve conditions like backache, constipation and insomnia due to imbalances of space/air, fire/water or water/earth elements.

An Ayurvedic basti can do this because there are several types. Each type is distinguished by the oils, decoctions or other ingredients, the length of time performed, placement and the needs of the client. Basti therapy has been used for thousands of years and has been proven to be a very effective therapy.  This can also be a great treatment for people experiencing jetlag related stress and symptoms!

(Note: an Ayurvedic health consultation is necessary to make sure this is an appropriate therapy.)

Fees: $10-15.00 per day when done a la carte and not part of a panchakarma package. 3-10 consecutive days are recommended. There is a one-time supplies fee of $15.00.

Vaginal douche (Uttara  basti)- is for females. This is a specialized douche made of traditional Ayurvedic oils or herbal decoctions. This may be helpful in imbalances such as vaginal dryness (especially due to menopause), ovulation disorders, candida and painful intercourse due to imbalances of space/air, fire/water or water/earth elements. This treatment may also be effective in helping some PMS symptoms as well.

(Note: an Ayurvedic health consultation is necessary to make sure this is an appropriate therapy.)

Fees: $10-15.00 per day. 3-10 consecutive days are recommended. There is a one-time supplies fee of  $15.00. This therapy is performed at home with detailed instructions provided.

Hot Oil Therapy (External Basti)

Ayurveda has many unique, insightful and effective treatments to help a multitude of imbalances.  External basti or hot oil therapy is an example. This treatment involves a handmade dough dam that is filled with traditional Ayurvedic oils, ghee or decoctions and placed on specific parts of the body for pain relief or lubrication. This saturation of the affected area allows for deeper penetration and healing. These treatments are unparalleled and worth giving a try. If you think you have tried everything, you haven’t. For best results I recommend doing 2 or more series.

These prices are for any of the external basti therapies listed below

Fee: $40.00   30 min |  Series of (3)   30 min sessions: $ 110.00  |  $55.00  45 min (w/marma massage)   |   Series of (3)    45min sessions:  $ 150.00

Adrenal hot oil treatment (vaksha basti)- This treatment is done over the adrenals. When there is fatigue due to imbalances of space/air, fire/water or water/earth elements pain, weakness, strain may result. This therapy will help to rejuvenate the adrenal glands and the entire posterior thoracic area.

Back hot oil treatment (kati basti)- This treatment is done on the lower back (lumbosacral area) while the person lies on their stomach. This is an effective treatment for imbalances caused by strain and stress of slipped disc, sciatica, nerve pain and other disorders of spine/vertebrae due to imbalances of space/air, fire/water or water/earth elements. I suggest trying this treatment if you suffer from back pain. Back pain can be debilitating and affects the quality of life for more than the person suffering.  A series will likely be needed. Some dietary and lifestyle changes may also be of help by reducing the incoming stress of ingesting the wrong foods and being in environments causing stress. Give this a try!

Chakra/navel hot oil treatment (nabhi basti)- This treatment is done around the navel area. It is in this location that all of the body’s subtle energy pathways meet. A basti done here can help balance the main digestive fire and help improve conditions like constipation, gas, indigestion which are due to imbalances of space/air, fire/water or water/earth elements. Because of the strong body and mind connection in this area, a reduction in stagnant emotions may result as well.

Eye oil treatment (netra basti)- Is a great solution for sore, tired, dry or weak eyes. For this treatment warm ghee is placed in dams around the eyes while the person lies on their back. This is an effective treatment for imbalances of the nervous system as well as with our addictions to computers, TV and long work hours, eye fatigue is a common problem.  This is a gentle treatment is a very ancient therapy and highly effective.

Note: You will need to remove eye makeup, contact lenses or false lashes prior to the session starting.

Heart hot oil treatment (hridya basti)- This treatment is great for a multitude of issues involving the heart due to imbalances of space/air, fire/water or water/earth elements. Besides helping to strengthen, nourish and balance functioning it will also help to bring rejuvenation. For deep seated grief and anger I like to combine this with Reiki or light work for increased movement and release. This therapy strengthens the heart muscle, respiratory issues, frozen shoulder and contractile force.

Knee hot oil treatment (janu basti)- Special herbal oils, ghee or decoctions are placed around one or both knees, while the person comfortably lies on their back or sits up. This is an effective treatment for imbalances due to space/air, fire/water or water/earth elements which have caused painful, weak, and otherwise dysfunctioning knees.  This is a gentle treatment that involves no manipulation of the knee and is effective in alleviating joint pain and pain associated with arthritis.

Neck hot oil treatment (greeva basti)- This treatment involves bathing the back of the neck using warm medicated oil, ghee, or herbal decoctions. Use it for any type of chronic pain in the neck region or stiffness. Also part of a treatment plan for frozen shoulder.

Spine hot oil treatment (kizhi basti)- This is a treatment that involves a spinal massage with specialized herbs and oils contained in linen pouches and also the hot oil therapy. It is effective in reducing arthritis, joint and muscular pain due to imbalances of space/air, fire/water or water/earth elements. Increase your flexibility, decrease dryness and popping and degenerative disorders.

Throat hot oil treatment (vishuddha basti)-This treatment is focused at the throat. This is a very effective treatment for pain and dysfunction due to imbalances of space/air, fire/water or water/earth elements such as thyroid dysfunction or conditions in the throat chakra.

Ayurvedic Readings/Analysis

Facial Analysis- Reading the subtle clues that appear on the face, is a very ancient diagnostic technique used in many societies around the world. When things like lines, blemishes, dark spots, acne, etc. show up, they are trying to tell you something. Wouldn’t you like to know what that is and if anything might help? These are energetic signs of energy in the body leaving their mark.  An understanding of these clues helps me in assisting you in interpreting what’s going on above and underneath the surface.

(Note: This analysis is not recommended if you have undergone injections, facial rejuvenation or other facial procedures.)

You will be given a handout with notations based on your facial reading and a few recommendations.

Fee: $40.00   30 min

Nail Diagnosis- Ayurvedic science explains that nails have a specific relationship with our bodies. By reading the nails (color, shape, strength etc.), I can better understand what is going on internally and explain this to you. The physical attributes of nails help me to confirm your body’s inner environment and help me to make recommendations that will benefit your health.

(Note: Please remove polish or artificial nails prior to the session if you want me to view them. Do not buff or clip nails prior)

You will be given a handout with notations based on your nail reading and a few recommendations

Fee: $40.00   30 min

Tongue Reading- The tongue is a complex tool. On the tongue, is a virtual map of the organs of the body.  By reading the signs of the tongue (size, shape, color, movement and impressions) I can help give helpful recommendations to areas of your energy that may need more attention. The tongue is a useful and easily accessible organ, to help me help you in having a better understanding of other factors that are playing a part in your state of balance/imbalance.

(Note: It’s best not to eat anything which may color your tongue prior to the session. Do not brush teeth or brush or scrape tongue within 30 minutes of the appointment)

You will be given a handout with notations based on your tongue reading and a few recommendations

Fee: $40.00   30 min

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