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Some of my earliest memories involve my psychic abilities and metaphysical experiences. To this day, I easily recall the first out of body experience where I was aware I was “out of my body”.  I was about 5 years old. Growing up I was not aware that everyone did not practice using their abilities. I also did not realize that I “had abilities” I was using, applying metaphysical principles or doing anything special at all.  It was just so natural. Sometimes baffling though, I admit. I remember when around 6yrs old I decided to start cleaning my nose by using the bathroom faucet like a neti pot! All through the various stages of my life, the metaphysical foundation has always been there and strong. However I did not have terms like- psychic, intuitive, Healer, etc… Those terms came MUCH later.  I remember being 10 years old. A neighborhood friend and I talked about what we wanted to be when we grew up. I told her I wanted to be a psychologist and actress. She wanted to be a bus driver. We were talking and coloring pictures and all of a sudden I started to instruct her on how to use light and texture and went into in this depth conversation and instruction on why and what the colors meant. We were just kids, sitting at a table, innocently coloring. She did look at me oddly, but I was too engaged in my discussion to worry about it at that moment.

My life in general was far from special. Several years ago a student from a class I was teaching stayed after and was chatting it up with me. She had made up some hilarious idea that my Grandmother had sat me down across from her and lovingly said” My child, this is your gift, while her arms lovingly opened up to embrace me”. Doesn’t that sound so sweet? In any case, nobody sat me down. But I was frequently surrounded by statements like” I had a feeling that something was about to happen or I had a feeling that I needed to look into that or that person didn’t sit right with me, etc…”  That was my education and introduction. Now that I am older and have had the experience of talking with many people about psychic ability, and other things of a metaphysical nature, I see how many of us are afraid of it and push it away. Sometimes confusion can seem like an easier choice than clarity.  But you’ve probably proved that wrong yourself and would agree with me when I say “its not.” My strengths have been known since childhhood. I wasn’t so much about knowing” test answers”but I did know that someone was sick or died or was lying or was having an affair etc… Well into my 20’s  I labeled myself “ A good judge of character”. Then one day it dawned on me… I never once factored in that I had not met many of the people I was correctly “judging” character on!! I was aware and clueless simultaneously.  Wow, go figure. I just had a constant stream of energy flowing through me that was just so natural. It was difficult to know what I did and did not know.  I was just connected, naturally grounded and very wise. Not wisdom accumulated in this one life. But over many lifetimes.

Like some, while in my teen years I did not always listen to the energy in my life that was showing up through personal or lessons for others that I witnessed.  I knew things weren’t random.  That’s like Psychic ability 101. I was born with that knowledge. I knew what the lessons were saying. I just wasn’t following the lesson plan so to speak. That’s what we call ignorance (LOL)! So like many I stumbled, fell to my knees and had to get back up again and again. Part of it was me and part was upbringing.  All karma and all part of my chosen path.  Chosen through action and reaction over time.

I am a Light Worker. It is actually a family trait/ability going back many generations. Although not everyone or most of the people in my family have it. In fact when I had my first Vedic chart done, my Astrologer was so excited! I think at the time, she was more excited than me.

I decided to pursue energy work while still in my 20’s. I didn’t need to take classes or anything like that.  I did consult others who recognized their gifts and the value of them. Some connections were through reading books others through conversations. The biggest lesson I learned from them, was trust.  Through my journey, I learned that being me was more of a shedding process than acquiring. I had to trust the process and surrender my ego.

I was initially shocked to discover I had hands on healing abilities. I didn’t exactly know how I was supposed to use it without appearing odd. But I did know that discussing General Ledger balances and budgets and trying to do hands on healing were not exactly compatible.  Once I got used to the idea, I decided to practice using it and learned more on my own. I began a focused journey of understanding and acknowledging the energy of my life and the lives of others. I worked with using and learning about my natural healing abilities as a Light Worker for several years. This was a very enlightening experience. I learned to consciously channel the knowledge of higher ascended Master Teachers, Guides and Healers. While at a Psychic Fair I heard about Reiki. My first Reiki experience left me with laryngitis! It was not the typical experience you hear about. But it spoke to me. Eventually I became a Certified Reiki Master and after about a year of practice and continued learning I earned my Reiki Master Teacher Certification. Later, I went on to study Ayurveda and completely immersed myself in the oldest Medical Science and language (Sanskrit) on the Earth. With Ayurveda, my life was complete. The thing that had been missing was found and I feel so immersed in love.

I hope you enjoyed reading and learning a bit about me. If you would like my guidance, assistance or support, contact me.

I love Energy and teaching others about it. I love giving Readings. I love hands on healing and the science and wisdom of Ayurveda.  More importantly… I understand energy and how it works in your life & in the lives of those around you. I’d love the opportunity to work with you. Contact me today and allow me to use my skills to assist you in your life.

In Love and Light,

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