Light Work


A light worker is a person who is born with the ability to help heal others on the deepest levels. As a light worker I channel healing light energy. Not with the use of gadgets, equipment or actual light bulbs. I channel and harness healing light from the universe. I channel varying degrees, levels and systems of light. It’s a beautiful gift that I have learned to cherish and respect. This is not something that can be taught or learned; no matter what you may read or what may class be offered. Light workers are natural born light healers. It is a very rare gift.

As humans we are beings of light. That is our essence. We truly are more than just flesh and blood. We are the deepest spectrums of the universe. Simplistic yet complicated. All knowing yet knowing nothing.  Lightwork is truly a gift. If nurtured lightwork can bring deep and meaningful healing and compassion to those in need.

Other Beings of Light

From my perception some people mistake being on a spiritual journey, being kind, being a light being, being moral, and being a Healer, with being a Light Worker. My knowledge is different.

If you have read on websites and blogs and heard through discussion that anyone can be/is a Light Worker, feel free to hold that as a belief if it is so for you. Many times people have varying beliefs, understanding etc. So that is fine and normal. Taking classes to learn how to use the light within, I feel is a wonderful contribution to make to society.


How do you know if you can benefit from Lightwork?

I use a full lightwork session mainly to help people return to or maintain a certain quality of life. This might mean helping someone to regain better use of their body, helping maintain life when there is a debilitating disease. However some light is just naturally apart of what I do.  However I mainly use it for the most serious of cases. I do not know of any test or questionnaire you can fill out to decide if you need it. Many of my clients feel they are left with no other options for help. I follow the guidance of the energy. The decision to use light comes from within. It’s not a number on the bottom of a page.

If you or someone you are trying to help needs light work, please feel free to email me so we can schedule a consultation in person or over the phone.

If it is determined a lightwork session is not necessary, Reiki is another wonderful modality I practice. It can be learned by anyone and there are many Practitioners around the world. It also heals on many levels. The vibration of the Reiki energy is different than Light vibration.

What will it be like? How will it feel?

Light Work is done over time and it is very subtle and engaging. It feels deep. When it is too deep, I alter it so that the client is more comfortable. I only offer multiple sessions of Light Work. 


Lightwork (in person or distant) Minutes Price
Lightwork session 30 min $75.00
Lightwork session 60 min $125.00
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