Psychic Readings

What is a Psychic and what is a Psychic Reading?

A Psychic is someone like me who has the ability to tap into the high vibrational energy of the collective consciousness. The Information contained in the energy can be sensed several ways. As a Psychic I am more clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient. Clairvoyance gives me the ability to translate the feelings, images and sounds I get into something that can be understood, translated and communicated to you or for myself. Clairaudience gives me the ability to receive and translate thoughts. So this is more related to channeling and being a Medium. Being a Medium gives me the ability to communicate with a person who is on a different dimension.  This does not always mean they are dead. They may be in a comatose state or just unable to speak as well. Clairsentience gives me the ability to feel sensations related to spirit.  So, as you can see, just about all of the senses are used in being a Psychic.  I’ve practiced for many years, harnessing and using the energy to help others. That’s what I love to do.

I was born with psychic abilities. Knowing things is part of my life and is what I know. That is what I am use to. I was also born very grounded and spiritual. These attributes all work together in giving me the ability to help you.  I really trust my Guides. I work with several energies on different dimensional planes and I also have the ability to communicate with your Guides. You may have not have known that you have Guides and sometimes teachers as well. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t there; they are. My Guides help me to tap into your lessons. As I have gotten older, they come through more frequently. They really want to help people end their suffering.  Suffering only ends when we make certain choices at certain times. I do my best to help people do that. But the truth is, nobody can stop anyone from suffering. That is an individual decision based on past lives and the present one. It makes up will and wisdom

These are tips to help your Reading go smoothly

How to prepare for your Reading

If you are coming in person or not, I suggest that you write your questions down. This will help you to be better prepared and not waste time trying to remember what you wanted to ask. Make some sort of notes for yourself which questions are most important. It is difficult to say how many questions we will get to. But do not expect to get hundreds or even 25 questions answered in one Reading. The energy is more like an oven, not a microwave. We will be relaxed and taking our time, not rushing and trying to hurry through.


Will you only answer my specific questions or will you have information about me already?

Yes and Yes. I will answer your specific questions. If you are scheduled for a Reading of at least 1 hour, I will start by giving you any impressions I received. Sometimes those impressions are the reason you scheduled a Reading and sometimes they are not.  When my impressions are in alignment with the reasons for the Reading, then we continue from there. Otherwise I keep it brief so that you can get to your questions.

When calling in for your Reading, please prepare the following

  • Have your questions handy
  • Have paper for taking notes or an audio recorder
  • If you have an audio recorder, please practice using it prior to the start of the session, making sure all of the settings are correct.
  • Be prompt. Call at your scheduled time. My sessions need to end on time.
  • Be seated in a quiet place
  • Do not call while driving or busy with other work
  • Put up a do not disturb sign, if you are concerned you will not have privacy
  • If coming in person, please make sure to have your payment ready at the beginning of the session if your payment was not received in advanced
  • Try to relax for a few minutes prior to the Reading and for a minutes after


Psychic Readings Minutes Price
Psychic Reading-phone or In person 30 min $75.00
Psychic Reading-phone or In person 60 min $150.00
Psychic Reading-phone or In person 90 min $225.00
Psychic Reading-phone or In person 120 min $300.00
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