What is Reiki? 

Reiki is a highly effective Japanese technique for stress[1] reduction.  Reiki itself is the channeling of life force energy from the Universe.  Life Force Energy is known by various names including: Chi, Qi, Prana and Vital Energy. Reiki is the Universal Life Force Energy which effortlessly moves through all living and non-living things. It is the energy of manifestation and the un manifest.

How does it work?

Reiki is simultaneously a healing art and a science. The person whom is channeling the Reiki, taps into the un manifest energy with the use of special symbols. Much like a Scientist uses math and science to delve deeper into aspects of the universe. As a Reiki Master, I delve into that same universe to help bridge the gap on an emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual realm to bring healing to you.

What does Reiki do? How can it help me?

Reiki is a holistic (whole being) practice which promotes balance in all areas of your life. The benefits include: stress reduction, emotional well-being, mental clarity, relieving and reducing pain, spiritual development, relieving and reducing physical ailments and unfolding of the inner SELF. Reiki can definitely bust through any drama you may have in your life. Receiving Reiki even once during your life can have positive life changing and enhancing benefits. Several sessions has the ability to really help you breakthrough and understand other areas in your life that may have been difficult or stressful. If you are experiencing a chronic illness, I suggest scheduling weekly or monthly sessions in hopes of achieving the desired results

What will it be like? How will it feel?

Reiki feels different to every person you ask. It has been described to me as “heavenly, peaceful, nurturing, relaxing” and so many other ways. And each session tends to be different. So it’s best not to expect a session to be exactly the same as the previous. Depending on the lineage of Reiki being used, it can be administered with or without manipulation of the body. It is not like massage however.  Sometimes it is more like gentle touching and other times, pressing and long strokes. The physical touching is the version that is hands on healing.  There is also distance healing. Distance Reiki means that the person giving it and the person receiving it may or may not be in the same location and there is no physical touching. Distance healing is just as effective as hands on depending on the skill and expertise of the Reiki Master/Practitioner, ailment and condition of the client. 

Who uses Reiki?

Reiki is a powerful & valuable tool for thousands of Healers around the world.  As with any therapy a lot depends on the issues, time, commitment of the client and skill of the Reiki Healer.  Reiki is effective as a stand-alone therapy or used in conjunction with other therapies.  It just depends on the needs and wants of the client. There should be no problem implementing Reiki with invasive Medical procedures. Many symptoms respond extremely well. In recent years, as Reiki’s popularity has grown, it can now be found in hospitals and skilled nursing centers because of its effectiveness and gentle nature.

I am a very knowledgeable Reiki Master and have been trained in Western and Eastern Lineages. I know Reiki will benefit you, your friend of loved one. Please contact me today and get started to better health and well-being.

Stress: My brief explanation of stress is “the undigested or unaccepted part of an experience. Anything that has life or is associated with life undergoes or experiences stress”.

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Reiki (in person or distant) Minutes Price
Reiki session 30 min $50.00
Reiki session 60 min $90.00
Reiki session 90 min $130.00
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