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  • lalamelissaVisit site
    Posted 3 years ago

    Good Morning My Light!

    I hope all is well with you!
    Last night I flared up the Rose incense throughout my home to help lighten the negative and depression that is filtering throughout each member. I lit them with my own light to help send positive energy.

    Last night, I had a pretty upsetting dream. I am hoping maybe you can help me with it. There has been the male dominance that is fighting his own inner demons and this has given each member in my home a very harmful self image. So I now that maybe this dream was interpreting this.

    My dream began with the house being that of partially reflecting that of m childhood home and my own. The yard was landscaped with a beautiful flowing river that was embodied with big boulders and beautiful stones and rocks. Tall green trees blanket this landscape giving umbrella like shades. As you walk through river bank, there were a few pieces of art displays of natural stonework painted with patterns of vibrant colors and gold. My children built this monuments. they were big and wide and stacked together like a puzzle. At this time I was actually down there to run off intruders who thought this area was open to the public, I warned them they were on private property and had to leave. But as I was walking, I was so proud of my children. I knew this was hard work and they made it all so beautifully. There was a family who peeked out of an entrance off to the side. They had a few children and said they could not afford to feed them anymore. Ron took them in for the night. He did perform a positive here. We showed them their room. Then Ron and I were in a smaller office room. The wall paper was like that of an ancient golden color…no patterns. Hanging from a golden hook was an ivory cross, which Isabella just recently received which belonged to her grandmother who passed. The air in the room picked up because I could see the cross swaying. I looked at Ronnie and asked him what was wrong? He felt a presence near him, a negative presence, we keep looking around the room because it was circling us. I kept trying to remember prayers to shout out at this spirit…we both knew it was an evil demon meant to hurt us….I shouted only the Lord is allowed in our home….no evil is allowed within these walls….we looked at the wall and is split open like a diamond and then there was long rips that circled the walls. Like it was ripped by claws…I kept shouting about God and soon it stopped but as Ronnie turned he has three open wounds on his face from this demon. I asked him if he was okay and he said yes and I began looking for my pastors phone number so we can have the house blessed.

    I woke up soon after this because I felt as though there was still an evil presence lingering above me. I slept on the couch last night. As I laid there, I again repeated within my head that our home is blessed by the Lord and all evil spirits are not welcomed within.

    So I think I need a session with you for proper reiki-crystal-aura balancing to help me proceed to keep my inner light strong so I can extend it throughout my home and with members.

    Any help would be appreciated!



    by lalamelissa on April 4, 2013 5:34 pm |
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